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21 Day Recipes

1.99 usd

The 21 Day Recipes app is a fully functional digital recipe book which allow you to create, share, and download healthy recipes from other health conscious people. Getting excited?! Me too! Because I know you will share them with me. Please!Create it!, Fix it!, Share it!
You can share your recipes in two ways:1) via email only, or2) via email and download code (if you choose).
Grocery/Shopping List✔ Gotta shop! We made it easier with multiple grocery lists!✔ Plan your trip to the grocery store! Create a list of items you will need from the current approved food lists.✔ Add ingredients right from the recipe to your grocery list!✔ Create, sort, and share/email your lists - A Honey Get List!
The 21 Day Recipes app does not come with any pre-installed recipes; however, with our quick-create recipe template you will be able to create recipes in minutes!
GuidanceThe 21 Day Recipes app includes a Guidance section which covers the basics. For additional help or suggestions our email address is included. Please feel free to email us. Thank you - Tony
This is just the initial release. Additional feature will be coming soon!
You must be online and logged-in to use several of main features of this app such as uploading, downloading, and sharing recipes. The recipe data is extremely small; however, data charges may apply.
Permissions- several permissions are needed for features like saving recipe pictures to your device, and backup/restore.
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